Frédéric SOUCHON has been a real mountain enthusiast from a very early age. High mountain guide, he also exercises with passion the wonderful profession of rescue worker in the heart of the Chamonix HMGP,  (High Mountain Gendarmerie Platoon). Exceptional playground, the region allows him to devote himself daily to his passions, whether that be mountaineering or gliding.

The mountain holds no secrets for them. They master it and exercise every day in the most wonderful that it has to offer but also in knowledge of its worst features.

At the HMGP, because every minute counts, the equipment must not be an obstacle, but rather an invaluable asset.

Frédéric Souchon, has chosen CimAlp for his personal equipment and recommends the brand to every fan of the mountains, whatever their level of practice and their goals.


The expeditions of Frédéric

Frédéric has not only travelled several major routes across the Alps, (Grandes Jorasses, Droites, Drus, Dolomites, Vanoise, Ecrins), but also abroad:

  • In Yosemite, in El Capitan. Considered as «the wall of walls» with more than 1000 m of vertical granite. He has been able to climb artificial climbing routes over several days, (Tangerine trip and The Shield routes), and several consecutive nights in a wall hanging bad called a « portaledge ».
  • In Patagonia, fiery earth country reputed for its very difficult climatic conditions, making all  climbing both hazardous and tricky. After a setback at 200m from the summit of Fitz Roy, by the Franco-Argentinian route, he successfully climbed the technical summits of the aiguille Poincenot, (by the Williams/Cochrane route), and the aiguille Guillaumet, (Comesaña-Fonrouge route).
  • Rocky climbing routes in Morocco, in Greece and in several other European countries and mountain ranges.

His objectives?

  • The Airtour, the longest French running and gliding race to cross the Alps, (7 days and around 325 km)
  • Independent bivouac flying leaving from Chamonix and crossing the Alps